Johanna G.

“I trusted her completely.”

I have struggled with my weight for years – feeling like I had tried every fad diet or bootcamp to exist. Each time, I would find my way back into old habits and the cycle continued. My need for a lifestyle change was long overdue, and I was overwhelmed with how to begin. I started the program with the intention of losing weight. I ended the program with losing so much more than that.  She helped me uncover and shed my own self-sabotaging behaviors that were prohibiting me from achieving my health goals.

Elise is an amazing coach. Not only is she a wealth of knowledge, assisting me with suggestions for natural supplements to assist with my journey (something she knew was very important to me) – but she met me each time with support, encouragement and compassion. I trusted her completely. Never once did I feel judged by her – I felt that I could share anything with her! She made it easy for me to be vulnerable about my health struggles. She helped me create healthy habits in my life and helped me embrace who I am at my core. Thank you Elise for changing my life, guiding me to reach my weight loss goals, and helping me believe in myself again!

Jessica R.

“Well you all hit the jackpot!”

If somehow the universe aligned and you are thinking about picking Elise to be your coach, congratulations!!!

I got the pleasure to work with Elise on goals related to regulating my hormones and making the SMART changes that suited my lifestyle! Like honestly people, some of the changes I made shocked the hell out of me, in the best ways!

Elise provided unconditional support and the perfect amount of accountability! I have made so many positive, life long changes in the last 90 days, and I can’t thank anyone more than Elise for encouraging me along the way! If you’re looking to make some positive changes in your life, I 100% recommend you have Elise by your side as your health and wellness Coach!

Katie M.

“I’m excited and proud of who I am becoming!”

Working with Elise was truly a life-changing experience! I am so thankful for all that I was able to learn from her during this time.  When I started, I was in a rough place and felt pretty unhappy with who I was/what I was doing. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from myself at the end of the 90 days. I thought maybe I’d be eating healthier and be in a better place mentally. Well, what I got was way more than that!  Elise is supportive, encouraging, knowledgeable and always made me feel heard. Even using a bit of tough love when I needed it! She helped me open my heart and mind,  pushed me to a new level of asking myself deeper questions, fighting fear/anxiety, learning to love myself, and go after what excites me!

Having the right mentality has opened me up to so many opportunities to grow that I don’t think I would have taken for myself before this. I’m building a confidence in myself that I never knew I could have. It’s amazing to feel excited and proud of who I am becoming! I owe a huge thank you to Elise for helping me on this journey

Joey B.

“You will be shocked at what you discover.”

Before I met Elise, I was feeling very low. I’m sure in these times a lot of us can relate to that feeling, but I was in cycles of bad habits and I struggled to find a way out. My diet was not in sync with my body, I had brain fog, and depression. My relationships needed some serious help too. I didn’t see my friends enough and I was struggling with a toxic partnership. Elise came into my life at a time I was least expecting, but when I needed her most. I didn’t even know how much I needed her until we got started.

Elise’s coaching has just the right amount of support and accountability and has truly changed my life. The first thing we did was change my diet and have me start moving again. I began to realize my body started to crave healthy food and movement and has really been wanting those all along. I began to realize that I didn’t have so much of a mental issue, but rather more of a health issue. Once I began to fix my diet, my negative thought patterns began to break away. It is all truly connected.

I’m in another 90-day coaching session with Elise and this time we are focusing on dating and relationships. I feel a lot more prepared and confident to put myself out there now that I have been through the first session with Elise. She has taught me to love and respect myself and for that I will always be grateful. Oh, and definitely do the heavy metal and parasite cleanse! You will be shocked at what you discover. 

Cathy O.

“I’d like to share my results from working with Elise.”

I struggled finding help throughout most of my adult life. It was a constant struggle between admitting I needed help and finding someone who could help me. Traditional therapy didn’t work, neither did counseling, psychiatrists or psychologists. Not because they weren’t well trained or highly skilled but because it didn’t fit with my needs, my comfort level, and my communication. After having worked with Elise, I wish I met her sooner however things happen for a reason and perhaps I wouldn’t have been as grateful and open as I was this past year.

Without going into too much detail about why working with a life coach was the best option for me, I’d like to share the growth and results I’ve had from working with Elise. I thought I was going through life as anyone else was who didn’t have an “easy” or “charmed” life. Everyday miserable, everyday anxiety, everyday unfulfilled. After 12 weeks when we reflected back on the reasons why I needed a life coach I was astonished to hear my own words read back to me and although I knew it was me who had said them, it was inconceivable that I was that same person compared to who I am now.

Working with Elise as a life coach helped me to reprioritize the feelings and thoughts that I had in my head that I knew I was capable of comprehending but she did it in a safe, empathetic and brilliant way. My journey wasn’t perfect because I’ve always struggled with keeping myself accountable or admitting when I needed help but I never felt judged or admonished by Elise and instead it made me want to come through for her instead.

If you know you need help in a certain area of life whether it’s to deal with mental health issues, weight loss, or your career, working with Elise is going to be the best decision and the most lucrative return on your time and effort.

Dom P.

“This process has led me to self-love sourced from inside.”

Working with Elise has been a revelation of new life, to say the least. This initiative was the first time that I approached my overall wellness goals from all four pillars of health: psychological, physical, spiritual, and emotional. Elise’s calm and receptive approach made me feel comfortable as well as heard. And even though some parts of our time together were both demanding and challenging, she was able to successfully guide me in the process of developing healthy eating habits.

This process has led me to discovering a sense of self-happiness, self-worth, and most importantly self-love all sourced from inside. It is truly a phenomenon that has never resonated within me before. I look at myself every day and for the first time, I’m in love with myself and what I see. Elise showed me that door and gave me the courage to step through it.

She shows up to every session with devoted attentiveness and compassion as she helped me to navigate and overcome my trials. I’ve never been more confident and excited about the future of my health. After completing this program, I’ve been blessed with so much knowledge I truly feel transformed and invigorated with a strong sense of wholeness.

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