The main function of Alchemy Actualized Coaching (AAC) is to help clients cultivate a healthier lifestyle with a psychology-based approach that analyzes the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual pillars of wellness. Through this assessment of their current health condition, we develop health goals that lead to exemplary long term results. Find your balance, energy & happiness the natural way. 

Now’s the time to start showing up for yourself.


Tier 1 – Beginner

90-day Intensive Total
Transformation System (3 months)

Tier 3 – Advanced

365-day Intensive Total
Transformation System (12 months)

Tier 2 – Intermediate

180-day Intensive Total
Transformation System (6 months)

Tier 4 – Subscription

Community forum, Zoom check-ins,
Group Sessions, Retreats, and so much more!

Cathy O.

Working with Elise as a life coach helped me to reprioritize the feelings and thoughts that I had in my head that I knew I was capable of comprehending but she did it in a safe, empathetic and brilliant way. My journey wasn’t perfect because I’ve always struggled with keeping myself accountable or admitting when I needed help but I never felt judged or admonished by Elise and instead it made me want to come through for her instead.

Katie M.

Working with Elise was truly a life-changing experience! I am so thankful for all that I was able to learn from her during this time. When I started, I was in a rough place and felt pretty unhappy with who I was/what I was doing. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from myself at the end of the 90 days. I thought maybe I’d be eating healthier and be in a better place mentally. Well, what I got was way more than that! Elise is supportive, encouraging, knowledgeable and always made me feel heard. Even using a bit of tough love when I needed it!

Dom P.

Working with Elise has been a revelation of new life, to say the least. This initiative was the first time that I approached my overall wellness goals from all four pillars of health: psychological, physical, spiritual, and emotional. Elise’s calm and receptive approach made me feel comfortable as well as heard. And even though some parts of our time together were both demanding and challenging, she was able to successfully guide me in the process of developing healthy eating habits.

Jessica R.

Well you all hit the jackpot! If somehow the universe aligned and you are thinking about picking Elise to be your coach, congratulations!!! I got the pleasure to work with Elise on goals related to regulating my hormones and making the SMART changes that suited my lifestyle! Like honestly people, some of the changes I made shocked the hell out of me, in the best ways!

Johanna G.

I have struggled with my weight for years – feeling like I had tried every fad diet or bootcamp to exist. Each time, I would find my way back into old habits and the cycle continued. My need for a lifestyle change was long overdue, and I was overwhelmed with how to begin. I started the program with the intention of losing weight. I ended the program with losing so much more than that. She helped me uncover and shed my own self-sabotaging behaviors that were prohibiting me from achieving my health goals.

Joey B.

Elise’s coaching has just the right amount of support and accountability and has truly changed my life. The first thing we did was change my diet and have me start moving again. I began to realize my body started to crave healthy food and movement and has really been wanting those all along. I began to realize that I didn’t have so much of a mental issue, but rather more of a health issue. Once I began to fix my diet, my negative thought patterns began to break away. It is all truly connected.